New Years

If you have found a thing in life that enthrals you and enchants you, then, please, go ahead and pursue it. The world is full enough of people who force themselves to trudge in endless march through obligations, stress and furious activity. If you have found a thing that brings joy, that makes time seem both wondrously slow and strangely fast all at once, then chase it down and make it yours. It could be a hobby or an art, a topic of research, an idea, an invention, a handcraft or anything at all. It could be carving stone sculptures. It could be restoring old cars. Whatever it is in life that you find brings out the best of your attention, focus and pleasure: do that thing. This has, after all, been said many times, repeatedly, and by wiser folks than me. Seek the flourishing life. Follow your bliss. To thine own self be true.