State of Work

I’ve managed to throw my release schedule into disarray by overthinking the connectivity of things. What I’d intended to be Book 2 in The Winter King, working title Prince of Ghosts, has started to look to me like too much of a jump from Book 1. Anyone who has been following my work, will also realise that I’ve changed my name from ‘actual’ to ‘pen’ within the last month. I have my reasons for doing so, and it was a hard decision. It effectively resets all the work I did to get the work out there in front of people.

So, what is the state of things now?

  • Book 1. A Treasure of Bone and Promises. Released. About 20,000 words.
  • Book 2. Working title, The Wolf at Winter’s Door. First draft sitting at 20,000 words. Will probably come in at about 25,000 words.
  • Book 3. Not started. Somewhat outlined. I’m aiming for this to be a novella at about 20,000 words that connects things up more fluidly to what is now Book 4.
  • Book 4. Working title, Prince of Ghosts. Third draft complete at 100,000 words. Currently with beta readers.
  • Book 5. Working title, The Kingdom at Midnight. Second draft complete at 65,000 words. Needs another draft before handing it to someone else to read.
  • Book 6. Working title, The Magician of Revels. Outlined.
  • Book 7. Working title, On the Road to Redcourt. A collection of short stories. This is where I’m offloading excess story ideas. There’s two or three stories done already? I’m not keeping track, but will just drop stories in here as I come across them in my head.
  • Book 8. Working title, Lord of Japes and Poisons. Outlined.

…and there are another 3-4 works, some shorter, some longer, that will come about after Book 8. I have a very definite end in mind, and am working towards it, gradually, gradually.

My current plan is to complete and release Book 2 and Book 3 before compiling books 1, 2 and 3 into a print edition that I’ll release through Ingram Spark.

Which means, it might be time for me to get back to writing…