Edits, Edits Everywhere

It’s a hot day outside, the sky a sort of molten, carved-out sapphire blue. It’s one of those days that you either need to embrace fully with a trip to the beach or sitting under a tree in the local park, or failing that, hide from in an air-conditioned space. I have edits to wade through, so I think I may be stuck in the ‘hide from’ category today.

My immediate, if still somewhat vague, plans are:

  1. Finish the second draft edits on The House of Snow & Apples
  2. Produce some cover art
  3. Record audio files for A Treasure of Bone & Promises, post here
  4. Complete a read-aloud edit for The House of Snow & Apples
  5. Hopefully, go straight to an audio recording for tHoSaA too

I should be getting back to the edits now. Onward, and so forth.