A House of Snow & Apples

02_HOUSE_OF_SNOW_smashwordsI have, at long last, released the second tale in The Winter King. This has taken quite some time, and much longer than I anticipated. Largely, the delay is because I wrote an entirely different book, A Charm for the Nameless Child, which was supposed to be Part Two, and ended up being a little too disjointed from the first novella to make for an easy readerly transition. The solution, as strange as it may seem, was to write a couple stories to slip in between A Treasure of Bone and Promises and A Charm for the Nameless Child. And so, here we have Part Two: The House of Snow and Apples. Hopefully, anyone who enjoyed the first book will find this latest part to their taste. We rejoin Caewen and Dapplegrim, just a small time after their adventure with the Wisht-Folk.

I’ve uploaded The House of Snow and Apples to Smashwords, Amazon and also Drive-Thru Fiction. Each of the first two stories in The Winter King are simply too short to justify setting up two separate print editions, but once the third story is finished, I will bundle all three into a printed book, very likely via Ingram Spark. I have also been quietly looking at illustrators, and I may approach an illustrator to pay for some interior art at the same time. We shall see how things pan out.