Plans of attack

Just a quick update today. The continuation of Fair Upon the Tor will be up tomorrow. I’m now formulating a plan for the next phase of the Caewen story. The next (novel length) story after Fair Upon the Tor is already written, but needs some editing, and that will likely be the immediate next task. However, I’m thinking of then taking a step backwards and filling out the first two instalments with a bit more material that helps draw together the story as a whole.

The reason for this is that I’m getting quite decent downloads of A Treasure of Bone and Promises, which sometimes notches up as high as rank 150-200 in Epic Fantasy on Amazon, but with little to no follow through on downloads for The House of Snow and Apples. There could be a couple of reasons for this, but I think the main problem is that the first novella doesn’t set up a good sense of there being somewhere to go, story-wise.

I’ve thought this over quite a bit, and now have some clear ideas how both A Treasure of Bone and Promises and The House of Snow and Apples could be expanded to make the through-story more obvious, and hopefully, more interesting too. So, to that end, I think my plan of attack is:

  1. Finish writing and posting the first draft for Fair Upon the Tor
  2. Edit and e-publish Fair Upon the Tor (probably arranged into chapters)
  3. Edit and e-publish Book 4, A Charm for the Nameless Child (probably arranged into chapters)
  4. Add some material that expands A Treasure of Bone and Promises
  5. Add some material that expands The House of Snow and Apples
  6. Publish the two ‘expanded’ books at the same time (i.e. these won’t go up bit-by-bit over time). I’ll do my best to provide other material at least once a week to keep the blog active.
  7. Complete/publish the rest of the series. I think this will form 2-3 books after A Charm for the Nameless Child.

So, that’s my working plan. Stepping backwards a bit will cause the completion of the series to be somewhat delayed, although I’m hoping that by first completing and publishing A Charm for the Nameless Child I will provide enough new material for readers to keep interested, and stick with it for a bit.

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