Illustration 012 (updates Thursdays) (kinda)

Just another sketch from the sketchbook this week. Apologies for the lateness too. The newborn, just four weeks old today, and some visiting family have been occupying time.

This is my ‘faces in rocks’ page of sketches, which was a companion to the ‘faces in trees’ I posted earlier. Both sets of sketches were intended to try and break me out of sketching the same sorts of faces over and over again, reaching out, into something new, physiognomically speaking.

Illustration 009 (updates Thursdays)

I decided I wanted an opening illustration and realised that the pieces I have so far are a little bit into the story. So, here are the two rooks flying over the hills and glens of the lands south of the Snowy Mountains. The red tinted illustration is the original done with an ochre coloured oil-based pastel pencil. I then discarded the colour, switching to greyscale, and duplicated the image as a new layer in Photoshop. I switched the new layer to Multiply to bring up the lines. As a tidying up step, I used the adjust levels option and the white eye-dropper to pick a place that is a bit off-white but should be white to push the background into a nice clear white colour.

Illustration 007 (updates Thursdays)

Another attempt at getting Fetch looking right. So far I’m not having much luck with the little shadow demon, but this is maybe getting closer to what I have in my head: just a mass of shadows that is protean, and constantly shifting from something a little more like to cat into an otter and a ferret and polecat and then something mixing up all those shapes and other weirder more liquid forms.